2 Days
Hue, A Luoi, Cycling

Hue A Luoi Biking Tour 2Days

Besides the poetic and ancient beauties, Hue has more attractive than to international tourists due to cultural values of minority groups. Joinning two-days tour to remote rural regions, you will realize that the time you spend on there is not useless at all; on the contrary, it is certain that you will receive a hearty welcome from ethnic people and get the right respect for their habits and customs. Above of all, this tour will take you to specialized historic spots in DMZ.

DAY1: Hue – A Luoi
DAY2: A Luoi – Hue

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DAY1: Hue – A Luoi
Start at hotel at 8 and ride for 70km along Highway 49 to A Luoi. On the way you drop in at Binh Dien, and Bastogne Military
Bases to see how the American built a strategic series of bases along this route to protect Hue against Vietcong’s attacks during the Vietnam War. Listen to your guide for an aspect of the Vietnam War in this area.
All the time you face the challenge of the steep slope of the road. Enjoy the fantastic mountainous sights along the road, the rolling green hills, the crystal-clear streams running hemmed in between magnificent hillsides, a bridge perching on the rugged banks of a small brook winding through scattered big rocks. On arriving at A Luoi, stop for lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards you ride on for 20km to visit A Shau airbase of the US marines to learn how the local people still experience hardship caused by the aftermath of the war. Shuttle back to A Luoi town. O/n A Luoi Guest House.
DAY2:A Luoi – Hue
Start at 8 in the morning shuttle to visit Ap Bia Mountain, 937m high, dubbed by the GI’s as Hamburger Hill to suggest that those involved in the battle here between US GI’s and South Vietnam Army, and North Vietnam Army(NVA) were chopped up by bombardment and shelling. The battle took place in 1969 and cost all sides involved heavy casualties. This battle caused a lot of protests in the US against the war.
Driver back to Hue.

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