8 Days
Hanoi, Lao Cai, Bac Ha, Ban Pho, Can Cau, Ta Cu Ty, Ban Ngo, Nam Dan, Nam Nhung, Khau Rom, Nam Choong, Cao Son, Ho Thau, Ho Xan, Nam Son, Nam Khoa, Panhou

Ha Giang Offroad Challenging The Far Northeast Bike Tour 8Days

Traveling through some of the north’s most dramatic scenery, our Roof of Vietnam: Ha Giang and the Far North tour package is a fantastic journey into this mountainous region. Encounter fascinating hilltribes, be captivated by the pristine landscapes and gain an understand of the intense relationship between these people and this land. If you are ready to discover an incredible corner of Asia, bring your camera and your sense of adventure and join us on this Vietnam tour.

Climb into the mountains on the first day of your Vietnam tour, leaving the Red River Delta area of Hanoi for the town of Ha Giang. You’ll spend two days making your way to the Chinese border town of Meo Vac. Villages of the Tay, H’mong and Tay people dot the road and there will be plenty of time to stop enjoy the scenic views and wander through the hilltribe hamlets.

Your Vietnam tour journey continues with a short drive along the Chinese border to Dong Van, the country’s northernmost point. Have your camera read as you climb what is known as ‘Heaven’s Pass’ and meet with more curious locals near the border.

It is here in Dong Van area, amid the towering hills, that you will discover one of the most diverse stretches of the north. In one day you’ll rub shoulders with vendors from several area hilltribes as they trade their wares at the market, step back in time at the palace of a former H’mong king and see traces of Chinese influence in Pho Bang where the local houses reflect old Chinese style. A truly memorable part of your Vietnam tour.

On day 5, the final day of your Vietnam tour, drive through the Tam Son Valley where you will take a short trek to a H’mong village. Passing back through Ha Giang at midday the road then begins to flatten out as you approach Hanoi and the buzz of the city.

Scenic beauty coupled with diverse cultures, our Roof of Vietnam tour is a sensational journey into one of the country’s most remote regions.

Hanoi – Lao Cai – Regional Triabal Market – Bac Ha – Ban Pho Valley – Can Cau – Ta Cu Ty – Ban Ngo – Nam Dan(or Gio Pass Site) – Nam Nhung – Khau Rom – Nam Choong – Cao Son – Ho Thau Commune – Ho Xan Village – Nam Son – Nam Khoa – Panhou

Challenging through part of the far north. Magnificient landscapes of Bac Ha Highland and Chay River massif amd untouched villages of the remotest far north.| Attending one of the regional tribal market. Meeting different tribal ethnic peoles for an unique culature and way of life discovery.

Additional information

Day 1: Hanoi – Lao Cai
8pm transfer pick up you at your hotel in Hanoi to railway station for night train up to Sapa.
Day 2: Lao Cai – Regional Triabal Market – Bac Ha – Ban Pho Valley(B; L; -)
– Early arrival to Lao Cai station from 05.30 to 06.30 depending on different train.
– Freshen up, breakfast in a local restaurant.
– 07.30 leave Lao Cai for a road transfer to one of the regional markets as following: Coc Ly(Tue), Cao Son(Wed), Lung Khau Nhin(Thur), Can Cau(Sat) and Bac Ha(Sun).
– Enjoy about 2 hours joining the local ethnic peoples such as H’mong, Zao, Tay, Phu La…experiencing the festive atmosphere and lively activities as well as understanding of the regional spiritual life.
– Transfer to Bac Ha Town let and check in Sao Mai hotel around noon time. The Bac Ha market on Sunday takes place right in this charming town.
– Warming up for aprox 2 hours in the afternoon by cycling 12 km up and downhill around the Ban Pho Valley.
– Overnight in Bac Ha.
Transfer: from 75 to 140 km depending on the market to visit.
Biking: 3 km paved road; 4 km rocky road up steep hill; 5 km single dirt track downhill. Slopes is from 5% to 25%.
Acc: Sao Mai Hotel(2 star)
Meals: Breakfast in restaurant in Lao Cai, Lunch on the way or Bac Ha. Dinner is on clients’ own in Bac Ha.
Day 3: Bac Ha – Can Cau – Ta Cu Ty(B; L; D)
– Breakfast and check out Sao Mai hotel at 08.30 am.
– Start biking from hotel following the motor way 3 km to the center of Lau Thi Ngai Commune.
– Cross the stream by suspension bridge and then ejoy an easy ride on a single dirt track along a stunning valley for 4 km before challenging 5 km up steep hill trail to Lung Phin.
– Follow the motor way again for 2,5 km and then turn left to another single dirt track for 22 km, passing through several small hamlets of the H’mong peoples to Can Cau market place.
– Arrive at Can Cau at about 4.00 pm. Stop biking and then transfer by road for 45 minutes to Ta Cu Ty.
– The trail today runs mostly through populated valleys which featured of terraced rice paddies and cornfields on steep hills sides as well as chances to meet local tribal peoples such as Flower H’mong, Zao and Tay.
Transfer: 29 km
Biking: 5,5 km paved road; 31 km single track up and down hills. Slopes is from 8% to 22%.
Acc: Home stay in the Tay house on stilts at Ta Cu Ty Village
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, lunch on the way, dinner at home stay
Day 4: Ta Cu Ty – Ban Ngo – Nam Dan(or Gio Pass)(B; L; D)
– Breakfast and say good bye to hosting family at 08.30.
– Biking along a single track which form a half circle around the Ta Cu Ty mountain range and is a combination of short lose rocky part and dirt trails with some stream crosses for 21 km from Ta Cu Ty to Dan Khao Village of Ban Ngo Commune via several villages and hamlets of the Nung, H’mong and Zao ethnic peoples.
– Lunch break at Dan Khao, a newly settled-down village.
– There are 3 choices for afternoon biking from here:
Opt 1: Continuing along the same track for 9 km on high elevation of Ta Cu Ty range to home stay at Nam Chien Village with ½ hour visiting to the interesting rock fields with messages of the ancient peoples carved on many big rocks at Nam Dan Village. Arrival at home stay at about 3.00 pm.
Opt 2: Making a short loop for about 2 hours along a narrow and steep single dirt track from Dan Khao Village to home-stay at Nam Chien Village, Nam Dan Commune:
+ 5 km downhill to the suspension bridge 1.
+ 2,5 km uphill and then 2 km downhill to bridge 3, then 1,5 km uphill again to the motor way
near the center of Nam Dan commune.
+ 3 km paved road to home stay at Nam Chien and arrival at the home stay at about 4.30 pm.
Opt 3: Making a longer loops for nearly 3 hours along a steep and narrow single track from Dan Khao Village to Che La Commune and then continue to home-stay at Nam Chien Village, Nam Dan Commune:
+ 5 km downhill to suspension bridge 1
+ 6 km uphill to the junction in Che La Commune.
+ Turn right and gradually getting downhill for 7 km to suspension bridge 3.
+ 2,5 km uphill again from the bridge 3 to home-stay.
Transfer: 0 km
Opt 1: Easy 29 km single track up and down hills.Slopes is from 5% to 20%.
Opt 2: 32 km single track and 3 km paved road. Slopes is from 5% to 22%.
Opt 3: 41,5 km single track and 3. Slopes is from 8% to 30%.
Acc: Home stay in the Nung house on stilts at Nam Chien Village, Nam Dan Commune.
Meals: Breakfast at hotel, lunch on the way, dinner at home stay.
– If choosing to stay overnight at Gio Pass site in stilts house amongst thick forest, please add 7 km biking or transferring along the motor way up steep hill.
Day 5: Nam Dan(or Gio Pass Site) – Nam Nhung – Khau Rom – Nam Choong(B; L; D)
– Breakfast and leave home stay in Nam Chien at about 08.30 am.
– Warming up by following the good motor way for 14 km through thick rain forest from home-stay over the Gio Pass to the southern side of the.
– Turn left to a single dirt track for 12 km mostly steep downhill through tea farms, terraced rice paddies, bamboo forest, passing some isolated hamlets of the Zao and H’mong ethnic of Nam Nhung and Khau Rom Villages to the main road which run along the Nam Ly River.
– Following the main road for 3 km to a suspension bridge and cross the Nam Ly River to the sounthern bank.
– Take the single dirt track uphill 5 km through Phieng Lang and Quang Thuong Villages of the Red Zao and then 3 km on the hill side with not too much up and down before challenging 5 km downhill along a narrow and steep dirt track to Nam Choong Village.
– Arrive at the Nam Choong local tourist site near the hot mineral spring at about 5.00 pm.
Transfer: 0 km
Cycling: 17 km paved road; 25 km single dirt track up and down hills with slope varies from 8 to 28%.
Acc: Home stay at a local tourist site near hot spring at Nam Choong Village.
Meals: Breakfast at home stay, lunch on the way, dinner at home stay
Day 6: Nam Choong – Cao Son – Ho Thau Commune – Ho Xan Village. (B; L; D)
– Breakfast and leave Nam Choong at about 08.30 am.
– Start biking along a narrow single track from Nam Choong for 6 km to the center of Quang Nguyen Commune.
– Then following a single dirt track agradually uphill along the Nam Ly River through the Trung Son Village for 10 km.
– Challenging 4 km down and up very steep trail to cross the upstream of Nam Ly River to the other bank. Bikes may have to be carried for about 30 m.
– Following a larger single track uphill for 5 km to Chien Thang Village and then gradually downhill for 6 km to the center of Ho Thau Commune.
– Uphill for 4 km along the concret road to Ho Xan Village of the Red Zao and Nung ethnic.
– Arrival to home stay at Ho Xan Village at about 4.30 pm.
Transfer: 0 km
Biking: 4 km paved road; 31 km single dirt track up and down hills. Slopes is from 8% to 30%.
Acc: Home stay in stilts house of the Nung at Ho Xan Village.
Meals: Breakfast at home stay, lunch on the way, dinner at home stay
Day 7: Ho Xan – Nam Son – Nam Khoa – Panhou(B; L; D)
– Breakfast and then leave Ho Xan Village at 08.30.
– Cycle along a single dirt track almost downhill for 12 km from Ho Xan Village Via Sin Chai Village to Nam Son Bridge. Take a short rest by the river.
– Then follow the large road up steep hillfor 14km to the Nam Khoa Heaven Gate. This part offers stunning scenery of thick rain forest with narrow terraced rice paddies on steep hill sides.
– Lunch break.
– Getting downhill along another large single dirt track for nearly 10 km along the Nam Khoa Valley to the Junction of the Nam Khoa River. Scenery features with small vallages of the Zao and the Nung surrounded by tea farms, plantation and terraced rice paddies stretching along 2 sides of the valley.
– Turn left and then follow a very narrow single dirt track winding its way up and down on steep steep hills sides along the Nam Khoa River for 8 km to Thong Nguyen Commune.
– Follow the narrow concret motor way for 2,5 km to the Panhou.
Transfer: 0 km
Biking: 16,5 km large road; 30 km single dirt track up and down hills. Slope is from 5% to 28%
Acc: At the Panhou eco-site
Meals: Breakfast at home stay, lunch on the way, dinner at Panhou.
Day 8: Panhou – Ha Noi(B; L; -)
– Breakfast and check out the Panhou at 08.00 for a full day transfer by road 315 km to Ha Noi via Tuyen Quant, Viet Tri,…
– Lunch in a local restaurant along the way and arrive in Ha Noi at about 06.00 pm.

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