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Cycling, Hanoi, But Thap, Phat Tich

But Thap and Phat Tich Pagodas Cycling Day Tour

This Hanoi cycling day tour has been customized by the Hanoi Tour Operator Vietnam Bike Tours for strong cyclists or experienced bikers, taking you to the rural villages, countryside of Hanoi where you bike through rice fields, villages and visit the But Thap pagoda, the Phat Tich pagoda. There are about 60 km (option 1) or 80 km (option 2) to pedal on the flat roads. We try to ride on the back roads as much as possible. Some stops are made en route for you to have a short rest or to meet up with local farmers

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7.00 AM: You will be met up with our guide at your hotel in Hanoi. He will help you to take a taxi to get to our bike garage is located at the other side of the Red River. The taxi/car transfer takes about 30 minutes before you arrive in our bike garage, the departure point.

Our biking guide will give you a short briefing about the bikes, how to cross the street with a bike… He also shares some other tips, useful information about the biking trail. It is possible for you to have some test ride before starting your day adventure.

You start riding along the Red River for some kilometers before joining the dyke of the Duong River. The name of the Duong River sounds intimately in the heart of every Vietnamese because of the charming and peaceful countryside the river meanders through. The numerous pagodas bordering the Duong River through history have added a major attraction to the Kinh Bac (northern) region.

You keep cycling along the Duong river dyke for some kilometers before getting off the dyke road to go into rural villages. There you have the opportunity to meet up local farmers, to talk with them for better understand the real life.

You arrive at But Thap Pagoda around noon, in time for lunch.

The name “But Thap” (Pen Stupa) was given by King Tu Duc in 1876 when, in Kinh Bac, he saw the beautiful stone stupa shaped like a pen at this pagoda, which had previously been known as Ninh Phuc Tu (Pagoda of Peace and Happiness).

After lunch, you spend some time visiting the But Thap pagoda.

Depending on your preferred option (60 or 80 km bike ride), you keep cycling for a little bit before taking a ferry to cross the Duong river to the other side. Another stop will be made for you to visit the Phat Tich pagoda, built from the 7th century to the 10th century. It is the national cultural and historical relics and has maintained ancient souvenirs of Buddhism in large and diversified number. Being on side of the mountain, surrounded by pine forests and fruit-tree gardens, Phat Tich pagoda contains mysterious and poetic features.

After discovering the pagoda, you keep biking along the Duong river dykes to get back to our bike garage in Hanoi.

Arriving back at our bike garage at around 4.00 pm. You then take a taxi to your hotel or to Hanoi airport. Trip end

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