1 Day
Hanoi, Van Huong, Tho Ha Villages

Bike Tour Hanoi to Van Huong and Tho Ha Villages 1 day

The one-day cycling tour is customized for active adventure travelers, family travel, holiday with kids and all those who would like to cycle in countryside village lanes, through rice fields and rural villages. The one day biking tour starts at about 7:00 am in the morning and ends up in mid or late afternoon. This depends on how long they will cycle. The day biking tour is provided with support vehicle, experienced English-speaking tour guide, meals, mountain bikes, bottled drinking water and snacks. The day trip takes you to Van Huong liquor village and Tho Ha village where you will see the real Vietnam. The best time to do this one-day bicycle tour is the dry season starting from October until April the following year.

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The bike tour Hanoi starts at 7:00 am. You will be met up with TLV Bike Tours team at your hotel in Hanoi. You will be then transferred by car through Bac Ninh to Bac Giang province, in the northern Hanoi.

As the car leaves the Hanoi busy streets your guide will give a short briefing about the day tour, the biking trail and other useful information.

After about one hour drive, you will arrive in the Duong Riverside where you cross the river and turn left following a dirt trail. Take your bikes out of the car and start riding along the dykes. This portion of the road offers beautiful scenery of the countryside and rural villages. Some stops can be made en route for you to enjoy the wild nature and to take picture of the rice paddy fields of the immerse fields of lotus.

After about one hour cycling, you arrive in a dirt biking trail. This is a small dirt road that runs along the Duong River. You turn right sometimes taking small village lanes to visit rural villages which are located amidst rice fields. The bike ride offers you the opportunity to cycle to one of the less traveled places in northern Vietnam. There are very few tourists coming to this area. We are sure that the local villagers will be surprised to meet up any foreigners there.

Keep cycling along the dykes until you arrive in Van Huong village. The village is said to be home to a special kind of liquor for which the recipe is a closely guarded recipe that has survived since the early 18th century. Liquor distilled in Van village was renowned and in feudal times bottles made it as far as the royal court. Nowadays there is a factory making liquor but you have the opportunity to meet up with local villagers who will tell you how they make this in traditional way.

Continue cycling through Van Huong village, you arrive in Tho Ho Village where you make a stop for lunch.

Located at the waterfront Bridge, Tho Ha village famous as the career list with pottery from the 14th century. Tho Ha was an economic center for pottery, full of kilns, businessmen, and boats trading in ceramics. These days, young people only know of Tho Ha’s former fame through the splendid walls, roofs and houses made using broken pottery.

After lunch, enjoy a short walk through small village alleys to experience the local life. Most of the houses are built with tiles roofs. Pigs are growth in almost every house since the villagers now make noodle for living.

Take the ferry and cross the river to the other side where you vehicle will be waiting for your drive back to Hanoi.

Arriving back in Hanoi around 16:00 – 17:00, you will be dropped off at your hotel. Trip ends.

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