Houaphanh Cycling Guide

Houaphanh is enclosed by Vietnam to the north, south-east, Xieng Khouang to the south-west and Luang Prabang to the west. A mountainous province in the northeastern Laos. While in the past it was difficult to navigate the province’s dramatic terrain, road upgrades now make travel easier and more enjoyable. Scenery along the roads into Houaphanh is stunning and you may even witness the Houaphanh Province is the birthplace of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. As yet, it is one of the least visited provinces in the country and offers an authentic and varied experience for visitors. Enjoy a pristine natural environment of mountains, rivers, waterfalls and forests, visit the caves at Vieng Xay for a unique insight into the history of the country, and discover the mysterious standing stones of Hintang Archaeological Park which date back more than 2000 year.

Sayabouly Cycling Guide

Sayabouly Province is situated in the northwest of Laos, sharing borders with Vientiane Province and Luang Prabang Provincein the east, and Thailand in the west. This mountainous province has several peaks with altitudes of more than 1.000 meters. Travel to this rugged landscape will reveal many beautiful mountains and flower gardens. The local people earn their living via agricultural products such as growing rice, cucumbers, cotton, cabbage, beans and sugarcane. Elephant continue to be used for loading and transporting heavy items. The province is also an important agricultural producer of rice, cotton, peanuts, sesame, maize and oranges. The Malabri, one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer groups in Southeast Asia inhabit the forests in the province’s western region. Other ethnic groups located in the province include the Khmu, Tai Dam, Tai Lue, Htin, Phai, Kri, and Akha. In Muang Ngeun District are ethnic Tai Lue villages, which still build traditional houses constructed with characteristic high-sloping roofs. Muang Ngeun’s old Tai Lue style temples include Wat Ban Khon with its unique natural fiber murals and decorations, and Wat Si Boun Yeun with its charming view of the town.

This 3-days mountain bike trip takes you through beautiful countryside and intriguing villages. You will have the opportunity to observe the local minority communities at work, tending their fields in the shadow of the Chay river massif. The overnight stays in Bac Ha will give you the chance to explore the villages and visit the local market. You will also be able to visit the Can Cau market as well as enjoy a boat cruise in the Chay River.