Cycling tours in Vietnam with a fascinating country with a distinctive culture and a long and extraordinary history. Although it is often remembered most for its wars, modern Vietnam has emerged as a proud nation with a people eager to show off the many aspects of their diverse land that make for memorable cycle tours in Vietnam . Indochina Bike Tours offering a wide variety of Vietnam bike tours and cycling through Vietnam .

Biking Tours Sapa Adventure Cycling Northern Vietnam

Biking Tours Sapa and Northern Vietnam in 6 days are great adventure cycling tours in the mountain areas in the North of Vietnam. Enjoy biking tours to villages in Sapa, cycling tours to Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Son La and Mai Chau.

Dau Pagoda Bac Ninh

Dau Pagoda is located in Thanh Khuong commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province, some 30 km from Hanoi. Dau pagoda Bac Ninh was built between 187 and 226 AD. This ancient pagoda has undergone many restorations and expansions, with the largest construction undertaken under the Tran dynasty between the 17th and 18th century

But Thap Pagoda Bac Ninh

But Thap pagoda, one of the most famous pagodas in Viet Nam is located near the dyke of the Duong River, Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh, northern Vietnam. The But Thap pagoda Bac Ninh is also popularly called Nhan Thap Temple. The But Thap pagoda Vietnam houses the biggest Avalokiteśvara statue with one thousand eyes and a thousand arms.

Dong Ho Village Bac Ninh

Dong Ho village, formally called Mai village, is located in Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh province, in the southern bank of Duong River Dyke, 30 km to the East of Hanoi.

Do Temple Bac Ninh

Do Temple is located in Dinh Bang Village, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province, 15km from Hanoi. The temple worships the eight Kings of Ly Dynasty and is famous for its unique architecture. We at Lotussia provide day trips out of Hanoi, taking you to Bac Ninh, northern Vietnam. Cycling on the back roads to discover Bac Ninh’s most popular temple as well as north Vietnam countryside villages.

Dinh Bang Communal House Bac Ninh

Dinh Bang Communal House, located in Dinh Bang, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, is a famous ancient communal house. Take a day bike ride from Hanoi, cycling on the back roads to discover the beautiful temple, as well as northern Vietnam rural villages.

Yen Bai Bicycle Guide

Area: 6,886.3 sq. km.
Population: 792.7 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Yen Bai City.
Administrative divisions:
– Town: Nghia Lo.
– Districts: Luc Yen, Van Yen, Mu Cang Chai, Tran Yen, Yen Binh, Van Chan, Tram Tau.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Tay, Dao, H’Mong…

Vinh Phuc Bicycle Guide

Area: 1,237.5 sq. km.
Population: 1,054.5 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Vinh Yen City.
Administrative divisions:
– Town: Phuc Yen.
– Districts: Lap Thach, Tam Duong, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Tuong, Yen Lac, Song Lo, Tam Dao.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), San Diu, San Chay, Tay..

Vinh Long Bicycle Guide

Area: 1,520.2 sq. km.
Population: 1,045.0 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Vinh Long City.
Town: Binh Minh Town.
Districts: Long Ho, Mang Thit, Tam Binh, Tra On, Vung Liem, Binh Tan.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Khmer, Hoa, Gia Rai.

Tuyen Quang Bicycle Guide

Area: 5,867.3 sq. km.
Population: 760.3 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Tuyen Quang City.
Districts: Na Hang, Chiem Hoa, Ham Yen, Yen Son, Son Duong, Lam Binh.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh),Tay, Dao, San Chay…