Safety in Cambodia

Cambodia is a great country for adventurous cyclists to explore. Needless to say, given the country’s legendary potholes, a mountain bike is the best bet. Top bikes, safety equipment and authentic spare parts are now readily available in Phnom Penh at very reasonable prices. Many roads remain in bad condition, but there is usually a flat unpaved trail along the side. Travelling at such a gentle speed allows for much more interaction with the locals. Although bicycles are common in Cambodian villages, cycling tourists are still very much a novelty and will be wildly welcomed in most small villages. In many parts of the country there are new dirt tracks being laid down for motorcycles and bicycles, and these are a wonderful way to travel into remote areas.


Cycling Tour Information

The IET Vietnam Bike Tours Way

All IET Vietnam Bike Tours are designed to provide personal interaction between visitors and local people, and unique sightseeing experiences rarely offered on standard tours. More than any other kind of program, cycling tours are the ideal way to do this.

Biking is the best way to see Cambodia in a leisurely, personal way, while also being able to cover a reasonable distance. Set your own pace; stop for a photo with a local farmer, a chat over lunch with a Buddhist monk or a refreshing swim with the villagers in a cool stream.

On your cycling tour, you will explore the most famous and important sites, but the most memorable experiences will be the out-of-the-way places that few tourists go: a tiny village market, a local wedding, a guest house in a place you won’t see on any map. You will ride the latest model high-quality bikes and your professional cycling guide will open doors for you to the captivating countryside.

Cycling Routes

The bike route you will take was carefully researched and planned by our product development team and our senior cycling guides, weaving together enjoyable cycle routes with fascinating destinations.  Great care is taken to find the most interesting, comfortable routes that will take you off the heavily trafficked thoroughfares and on to the back roads with little traffic, taking you through rice fields and villages where you will enjoy interacting with the most friendly people in the world.

Support and Logistics

Enjoy all the adventure of a cycling tour without any of the hassles. Your cycling tour is fully supported by IET Vietnam Bike Tours‘ team of professional guides, mechanics and support vehicle drivers. Your bags are carried in our support vehicles and your bikes will be cleaned, repaired and maintained by our mechanics or guides.

Need a break from biking for a while? Just jump in the van or bus and relax!

It’s important to stay hydrated and nourished while biking, so you will always have water, drinks, fruits and snacks available in our support vehicles.

The following support and logistics are provided on all cycling tours:


Cyclists Vehicles Cycling Guides Amenities
2 – 4 1 minivan (15 pax) 1 guide Water, drinks, fruits, snacks
5 – 7 2 minivans (15 pax) 1 guide Water, drinks, fruits, snacks
8 – 12 1 bus & 1 truck 2 guides Water, drinks, fruits, snacks
13 – 20 1 bus & 1 truck 2 guides Water, drinks, fruits, snacks

Bike Rental Information

To go along with the most interesting routes and the most professional cycling guides, you can also enjoy riding on the latest model, top quality bikes. Your ride will cover a wide variety of terrain from smooth pavement to rough dirt roads, in both flat and mountainous areas. For versatility, durability and ridability, the best brands of mountain bikes are available for you to rent:Cannondale, Trek, Giant and Merida; all less than 2 years old and in peak condition.

Each bike is equipped with a single water bottle cage, however you are welcome to add your own. Gel seat cover slips and women-specific seats are generally available, or if you prefer to use your own saddle, bring it along and it will be installed for you. The rental bikes have flat pedals, however if you prefer to bring your own clipless, toe-clip or other specialized pedals, they can be installed for you.

For the independent biker, these top-quality mountain bikes are available for rent for US$10.00/day.

For Your Health and Safety

Cycling helmets must be worn on all rides. Helmets meeting U.S. CPSC bicycle safety helmet standards will be provided, however as an item of personal safety and comfort, you are certainly welcome to bring your own.

Ride at a your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to ride at speeds or distances beyond your comfort zone. If you’re feeling uncomfortable or just tired of riding, you are welcome to ride in the support vehicle. Ride with at least one other person in case of difficulty or emergency. Allow plenty of space between cyclists to avoid accidents should someone stop or swerve suddenly. Use caution overtaking other riders and inform them on which side you will pass, as they may not be aware you are passing them. Stop at all junctions and intersections unless instructed otherwise by the guide.

It’s very important to drink plenty of water and eat enough food to maintain energy levels, especially during hot days. There is 1 water bottle cage on the rental bikes, but it’s a good idea to have a small backpack to carry additional water, fruit, snacks or energy bars. The guides will generally stop every 15 to 20km for riders to take a break and get more food or drinks from the support vehicles.

Stick with the group as much as possible and be prepared in case you get separated. Generally, the guide will ride at or near the back of the group, and the support vehicles always follow the group unless road conditions don’t permit. For larger groups with 2 guides, 1 will ride in front and the other in back. In the event you get separated from the group or otherwise lose your way, return to the last place you were sure you saw other group members and wait; your guide or support vehicle driver will find you. If you are ahead of the group and in doubt of the route, stop and wait for the rest of the group or cycling guide. Always know the final destination for the day’s ride and carry some pocket money and the mobile phone numbers of the cycling guides.

Among other farm animals, you will probably pass lots of dogs while you are out on your ride, however they are not likely to be aggressive. It’s more probable they will be afraid of you and run away, rather than chase you. In the unlikely event one does chase you, do not try to race off but stop and get off your bike, putting it between you and the dog.

IET Vietnam Bike Tours requires all participants on cycling or trekking tours to have comprehensive travel insurance for the entire duration of the tour. Policies must include comprehensive medical coverage as well as emergency evacuation. Proof of insurance must be provided to us prior to participation on the tour, either by fax, e-mail or presenting documentation upon arrival.

If you are unsure where to get travel insurance, we recommend: World Nomads Insurance

Safety Cycling in Cambodia